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Tentative Program online

Oral Presentations

A1: M. Grashei "Thermal influence of interfaces in epitaxially grown superlattices"

A2: T. Tschirky "Scattering mechanisms of highest-mobility InAs/AlxGa1-xSb quantum wells"

A3: C. Deneke "Overgrowth study of back-bonded III-V semiconductor membranes"

A4: L. Prochaska "Epitaxial YbRh2Si2 films grown by molecular beam epitaxy"

A5: A. Pawlis "Strain Compensation in ZnSe/CdSe Quantum Wells"

A6: M.P. Semtsiv "Growth & characterization of Rhodium-doped InGaAs & InP by gas-source MBE"

B1: J.-M. Chauveau "MBE Growth of Polar, Nonpolar and semipolar (Zn,Mg)O/ZnO for potential UV & THz applications"

B2: E. Hildebrandt "Control of Switching Modes & Conductance Quantization"

B3: R. Delgado "Towards GaN integration on Si: Microstructural study of ScN grown on Si(111)"

B4: G. Calabrese "MBE of GaN nanowires on flexible metal folls: challenges and prospects"

B5: S. Breuer "Integrated Photoconductive THz Emitters & Detectors made of Fe-doped InGaAs"

B6: V.V. Volobuev "Epitaxial Growth & Band Structure of Lead Tin Chalcogenide Topological Crystalline Insulators"

C1: E. Dimakis "GaAs-based core/shell nanowires with extremely large lattice mismatch grown on Si substrates"

C2: M.I. Lepsa "Self-catalyzed grown InAs/GaSb core-shell nanowire arrays"

C3: D. Ruhstorfer "Selective Area Epitaxy & Doping of Catalyst-Free GaAs Nanowires on Silicon"

C4: T. Pejchal "MBE-grown Ge nanowires: The co-effect of atomic hydrogen & catalyst spreading"

C5: E. T. Papaioannou "The role of MBE epitaxial grown Fe/Pt bilayers in optimizing the spin-pumping induced inverse spin Hall voltage & the THz emission"

C6: S. Gaucher "Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnet/Semiconductor/Ferromagnet Hybrid Trilayers Grown using solid-phase Epitaxy"

D1: X. Y. Yuan "New Optical selection rules from GaAs quantum dots via highly variable uniaxial stress actuators"

D2: H. Huang "Novel quantum optical devices based on doplet epitaxial GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots"

D3: R. Keil "Solid-state ensemble of highly entangled photon sources at rubidium atomic transitions"

D4: H. Groiss "Phase separation in metastable Ge1-xSnx epilayers induced by free running Sn precipitates"

D5: J. Falta "Initial growth of tin on silicon & germanium surfaces"

D6: J. Schmidt "Carbon-mediated epitaxy of SiGe virtual substrates on Si(001)"


Poster Presentations


P1: F. Lange "Growth of Si, Ge, and SiGe Nanowires"

P2: C. Reichl "Manipulating the Wavefunction of High-Quality 2DEGs in GaAs/AlGaAs using Advanced Gating Techniques"

P3: J. Scharnetzky "Patterned Back Gates suitable for Ultra-High Quality GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure Epitaxy"

P4: T. Musalek "Preparation of bimetallic catalysts for nanowire growth"

P5: D. Reuter "Site-controlled Ga droplet epitaxy by deposition through shadow masks"

P6: S.F.C. da Silva "Growth & characterization of unstrained GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots"

P7: J. Straßner "Growth control with RAS of highly ordered Ga(As)Sb quantum dots grown on pre-structured GaAs"

P8: W. Braun "Beating 1/r²: cylindrical crucibles for large working distances"

P9: D. K. Polyushkin "CVD growth of atomically thin MoS2 films for digital electronics"

P10: R. Szedlak "Ring Quantum Cascade Lasers: Versatile Light Emission and Applications in Spectroscopic Sensing"

P11: S. Lancaster "Influence of boron incorporation in GaAs nanowires grown by self-catalysed MBE"

P12: M. Beiser "Bi-functional Quantum Cascade Detectors/Lasers"

P13: M. Holzbauer "The polarization of ring interband cascade lasers"

P14: A. Harrer "Quantum Cascade Detector Pixel"

P15: M. Kainz "Asymmetry study for high performance InGaAs/InAlAs terahertz quantum cascade lasers"

P16: S. Schönhuber "High Power THz Quantum Cascade Lasers"

P17: B. Limbacher "Inverse Bandstructure Engineering of Alternative Barrier Materials for InGaAs-based Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers"

P18: Z. Bao "Understanding layers, nanowires & nanodots better on a lab multipurpose diffractometer"

P19: X. Zhang "Fabrication of quasi-Gaussian-shaped nanoholes by MBE local droplet etching"

P20: J. Hofinger "Pulsed laser deposition of In2O3 thin films on YSZ(111)"

P21: A. Elsayed "Characterization of thin Boron layers grown on Silicon utilizing Molecular Beam Epitaxyfor ultra-shallow pn-junctions"

P22: P. Lackner "Wetting and dewetting of metals by sputter-deposited zirconia"

P23: D. Schwarz "Growth of SixGe1-x-ySny Structures with High Sn Content for Bandgap Investigation"

P24: B. Hinkov "Fabrication of ZnO-based Resonant Tunneling Diodes for Quantum Cascade Structures"

P25: S. Wimmer "Natural Superlattice Structures of Bi-Chalcogenide Topological Insulators grown by MBE and Controlled by Stoichiometry"